The U.S.S. Indefatigable NCC-1760 was a Starfleet Class One starship of the Constitution class of heavy cruiser, originally constructed as the lead ship of the Indefatigable sub-class in 2268. She was uprated to Endeavour sub-class specifications in 2278 and then uprated again to Levant sub-class specifications in 2284.

History Edit

Construction began on the Indefatigable in 2264 and she was was completed and commissioned in 2268.

In late 2277 she returned from her latest four-year mission and was dry-docked to begin her uprating to Third Rate Endeavour sub-class specifications. This uprating was completed in early 2278.

She fought in several battles in the Taal Tan Offensive of 2283 and was badly damaged in October of that year. She was dry-docked again for repairs, but in light of the losses sustained by Starfleet during the conflict and the upward spiral in Klingon belligerence the decision was made to proceed with a full uprating to First Rate specifications.