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This wiki is about all the characters, ships, locations, and events featured in the fiction hosted on Further, it will come to have a wealth of background information underpinning the stories, as – unbound by time or budget constraints – we try to write to take into account the questions that crop up in the readers' minds about story plot holes, why is something the way it is in Trek's vision of the future, etc. etc.

Starbase 23 CanonEdit

Starbase 23's Canon differs from mainstream Trek in a couple of important aspects, which affect a great deal of the stories and the tapestry they are a part of. Along with the creativity of the authors featured on Starbase, a lot of cherry-picking is done from selected other published Trek works such as novels and fan-created technical manuals, mainly when their creativity matches with our vision of Trek and we want to include and play with that part of the Star Trek universe that they've created. Rest assured that all credit will be given where it is due.

Specifically, Starbase 23's fiction has its roots in the Star Fleet Battles (SFB) table-top games originally by the Armarillo Design Bureau (ADB). As such we include and feature SFB interstellar nations which are not accepted in established Star Trek, and the locations of even established races – such as the Gorn – respective to each other are different than as portrayed in Mandel's excellent Star Charts book.

Starbase 23's history also includes major events and from SFB history and other Star Trek computer games such as Starfleet Academy, Starfleet Command, New Worlds, and Klingon Academy, though they are suitably modified to fit in as much as possible with canon Star Trek as seen on screen. 

Much of the navies of Starbase 23's interstellar nations contain ships not in Trek Canon but which are taken and cherry-picked from the aforementioned games, new designs and variants from the fan modeling communities of these games, and not to mention the excellent – if overly militarised – Ships of the Starfleet manuals and the other fan works inspired by these ground-breaking pieces.

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