A frigate in Starfleet nomenclature refers to a short-range patrol craft which is smaller than a destroyer and larger than a corvette. It is not a fleet combat unit and is used for patrol and light escort duties. It is very effective against unsophisticated and lightly-armed pirates.

With its smaller crew, shorter mission endurance, and lesser capabilities, a frigate's commanding officer is usually a Lieutenant Commander or Commander, though as the C.O. of a naval vessel they are entitled to the honorific of "Captain" regardless of actual rank.

Roles Edit

  • Interstellar patrol and escort.
  • Space lane patrol and convoy escort in regions with known but light pirate activity.
  • Anti-piracy patrol of unclaimed star systems within U.F.P. space.
  • Performs sweeps of star systems in regions with light pirate activity and no major belligerent interests.
  • Performs preliminary surveys and investigations of all objects of interest discovered.